Artwork, Collections Display, and Gallery Activity:

in the F213 [one degree above the boiling point of blood] exhibit with Sheree Rose, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA, April-May 2019. F213 pairs writers with artists. At the opening on 13 April 2019, I presented Rose's Blue Takes Washington (1993) with Rose [seated]. Blue [Sue Hirshon, subject of photo, seated on floor] was in attendance.

photo [L] by Luka Fisher. F213 lead curator, Tanya Augsburg. 

write-ups of F213 have appeared in The San Francisco Examiner and The Mercury News

F213 photo by Luka Fisher.jpg
F213 wall text.jpg

Selections from my "Erotics of Artificiality" photography series [Torso (2017), Seated (2018), and Hands (2017)]  in the #rrrr [Reduced, Restricted, Reserved, but Resilient] exhibit on display at The Front Gallery, San Ysidro, CA, March-May 2019 -- this series is conceptually associated with a chapter of the same name from my book Ugly Differences: Queer Female Sexuality in the Underground. #rrrr curated by Mely Barragan.

#RRRR postcard.jpg
#rrrr Erotics of Artificiality Series at
#rrrr Erotics of Artificiality wall text

rare queer and feminist comix from my personal collection were on display at the DemoGRAPHICS: Voices and Visionaries from the SDSU Comic Arts Collection exhibit, San Diego State University, Library Donor Hall Aug. 2017-July 2018

On 19 April 2018, I was also in conversation with underground comix creator and Inkpot Award winner Roberta Gregory in an event related to the exhibit

My photograph Public Sex appears in

Fiction International 49 (Fall 2016), special issue on "Taboo"

image courtesy of Fiction International <--- click to purchase issue

sartorial archival materials of mine were displayed under the title Boot at the Wear Me Out exhibit, curated by Tania Hammidi

ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, Los Angeles, Nov. 2005 - Jan. 2006

exhibit postcard lists me as a "collector" 

I am in these films:
Not Looking for Ken & Barbie Directed by Raul Sandelin
Yours In Sisterhood a performative documentary project based on letters to Ms. magazine, 1972-1980. Directed by Irene Lusztig 
I lived in Boston 1994-1998.
During that time, I was an activist with the Boston chapter of The Lesbian Avengers.
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I lived in San Francisco 1998-2003.
Part of that time, I worked at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) bookstore where I supervised the selling of artist monographs, catalogues, and exhibition-related objects
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After that, I worked as a photography researcher/editor at Salon 

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During that time, I also did editorial work and eventually became one of the copyeditors for the historically significant

lesbian pornography magazine, On Our Backs, and Girlfriends

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